Ellen Woods

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ON WRITING RETREAT THROUGH 1-1-21, , 9am ~ 10pm, I will be on a writing retreat through January 1, 2021.
Embracing The Hush Hour, , 6pm ~ 8pm, Reading and writing formal and informal poetry with seasoned teacher Kathleen McClung, SF Wrting Salon.
Orchards of Ripe Words Writing Retreat, , 10am ~ 4am, Please join Kathleen McClung and other writers of all levels and genres in a day of writing and reading in Berkeley. 10am-4pm. To sign up contact ellengerneaux@gmail.com.
Writing Salon 20th Anniversary Party, , 6pm ~ 9pm, Celebrate The Writing Salon’s 20th anniversary at the Poet’s Corner in Berkeley with readings by Writing Salon instructors and Lisa Gluskin Stonestreet, winner of 2018 Jane Underwood Poetry Prize. Raffle, music, free drinks and food as well opportunities to mingle with fellow writers. For more info, contact writing salons.com.
The Thunder of Silence, , 7pm ~ 9pm, Six week class at Agape Bay Area,, 3630 Telegraph Ave, Oakland
Poems as Pathways, , 1pm ~ 4pm, Join Kathleen McClung’s afternoon mini-course in San Francisco, 835 Market St, to read and discuss poets, all over 70, Barbara Crooker, Robert Eastwood, and Grace Marie Grafton. Includes brief writing exercises. ┬áContact 415-817-4243.
Family Reading @ Cliff House, , 11am ~ 1am, Poetry reading by family members, by invitation.
How We Choose To Be Happy, , 11pm ~ 1pm, Today’s talk by Rev TJ Woodward. Agape Bay Area, 3630 Telegraph Ave, Oakland, CA.
Toni Morrison film informal discussion, , 5pm ~ 6pm, Terrea Hall Pittman Library, Berkeley, CA.
WRITING SABBATICAL SEPTEMBER 2019-SEPTEMBER 2020, , 9am ~ 10am, I am on a writing sabbatical working on a chapbook.